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ADA Accessibility Lawyers in New York

The attorneys at Samuel Law Firm in New York are well-known for strong legal defense in ADA accessibility cases. Our ADA defense lawyers have helped many companies defend against frivolous lawsuits claiming damages because of alleged frustration or harm due to the inability to access companies' websites.


The Americans with Disabilities Act was adopted to protect the rights of people with disabilities to access places of public accommodation. However, today serial plaintiffs and their lawyers frequently use the law to attack entrepreneurs and businesses and force them into settlements.

If you have received an ADA website accessibility claim, your business is at risk. You can be subjected to heavy fines from $55,000 for the first violation and up to $150,000 for subsequent violations. In addition, the ADA Act specifically provides that the court may direct the losing party to pay the costs of litigation, including the attorney fees, court fees and other expenses.

Those facing an ADA website accessibility claim in New York would benefit from having experienced litigation attorneys from Samuel Law by their side. Our ADA defense team is knowledgeable and experienced in resolving website accessibility claims and can ensure robust defense or facilitate prompt and favorable settlement.

Why Turn To The Samuel Law Firm For ADA Defense

Our ADA defense attorneys are well-known among serial litigants and their advisors praying on the businesses and entrepreneurs. When we enter into a legal case on behalf of our clients, the plaintiffs already know that we will provide solid legal defense, which often leads to prompt settlement or even dismissal of the case.

At Samuel Law, we keep ourselves on top of ADA litigation practices and legal defense strategies, including personal jurisdiction grounds, mootness principle and Article III standing. We are also well-versed in applying website accessibility standards to lawsuits and can help our clients ensure compliance in the first place.

Aspects Of Our ADA Compliance And Defence Practive

When our clients are encountered with an ADA website accessibility claim, their first reaction is stress and dismay. They may have invested thousands of dollars in their websites, making them maximally user-friendly and convenient, but now they are faced with skyrocketing costs of forthcoming litigation and possibly penalties for alleged non-compliance with accessibility regulations.

The litigation lawyers of Samuel Law firm in New York have faced hundreds of such situations and successfully helped numerous businesses either dismiss or settle such claims with minimal costs. Here is a short overview of what you should know when facing ADA litigation and how we handle it.

Ignoring a notice of claim, including the ADA website accessibility claim, is not a good idea. If you ignore the claim, the case will proceed by default, with a high chance that it will be decided against you. If this happens, the court may direct you to pay the plaintiff litigation costs and charge you a heavy fine.

Even though the Americans with Disabilities Act doesn’t specifically address web accessibility, ADA regulations can apply to many websites even if they exist only in the virtual space without a nexus to a physical location. You need to speak to an experienced ADA defense lawyer to find out if the claim is relevant to your website and business.

Congress adopted the Americans with Disabilities Act in the year 1990 with the aim to increase the access of people with disabilities to places of public accommodation. Although the initial interpretation of the places of public accommodation included mostly brick-and-mortar venues such as hotels, restaurants and shopping centers, today, this term encompasses websites as well.

Although the courts in the United States hold different opinions as to ADA application to all websites, the district courts in New York have taken a stance that ADA applies to all commercial websites even if they are not connected to physical locations. The Department of Justice has the same views and holds that all websites offering goods or services are places of public accommodation and fall under ADA’s regulation.

For the moment, there are no laws that specify technical requirements for websites to be compliant with ADA regulations. Meanwhile, the Department of Justice and the courts frequently mention the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and 2.1. as a point of reference. You can ask your website developer to do your website audit to make sure it meets WCAG 2.0 or 2.1 standards.

Those who face an ADA lawsuit should consult with experienced ADA defense lawyers at Samuel Law firm in New York. When you have a claim filed against you, time is of essence, so it is advisable to book a consultation with ADA defense attorneys as early as possible.

It is also advisable to have your website audited for WCAG 2.0 standard compliance. Having the results of such an audit, the Samuel Law litigation team will be able to better assess the case against you and develop a winning legal strategy.

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