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If you are involved in a personal injury case and looking for an attorney to represent you at any stage, from collecting evidence to advocating for you in a courtroom, consider Samuel Law Firm in New York.


The attorneys at Samuel Law firm in New York are trial lawyers with years of experience in handling personal injury cases on pre-suit, litigation and trial stages. We leverage our skills in the courtroom to the advantage of our clients to bring the most significant recoveries.

At Samuel Law, we handle all types of personal injury cases focusing on car accidents, pedestrian accidents, workplace injuries, premises liability, slip and fall injuries, defective products, municipal liability and insurance coverage disputes. Our legal team includes litigators and trial attorneys to address each case from intake to trial with no shortcuts. We never persuade our clients into meager settlements and work hard to get you the compensation that you deserve.


Our team is approachable and supportive and will be by your side when you go through the stressful process of recovery and claiming compensation. We are knowledgeable of the medical issues involved in all types of personal injuries and work with experienced medical experts who can help put a fair value on the demand.

Samuel Law firm is deeply rooted in New York, with an office just a block from the Empire State Building. We have a wide network of experts, including local physicians in hospitals, construction experts, accident reconstructionists and other experts who can get to the scene of an accident, help us gather the evidence and prepare the case.

Our lawyers have built a strong reputation for providing robust personal injury case representation in New York district and federal courts. We leverage our experience as trial attorneys who can always bring the case to trial with the highest chances of the case being resolved in favor of our clients.


Very often, those involved in personal injury cases are not aware of what they should do first. They can delay contacting a personal injury attorney, which may result in important evidence being lost or destroyed. Many victims of personal injury call their insurance companies without speaking to a lawyer, which ends up in minimal settlements.

Learn more about how Samuel Law Firm can assist you in gaining maximum compensation for your personal injury damages and about our process.

At Samuel Law, we work with all types of personal injury cases, including negligence, international actions resulting in injury and product liability. The most common type of personal injury cases we deal with is negligence. In legal terms, negligence is a breach of standards of care, including typical car accidents, accidents involving pedestrians, premises liability, construction injuries, workplace injuries, slip and fall and similar cases.

Samuel Law personal injury lawyers also cover intentional torts when someone causes injury to another person on purpose. It should be remembered that insurance doesn’t cover intentional torts, so you should always speak to a personal injury attorney to get compensation. Other cases we handle include product liability and insurance coverage disputes.

Most often, personal injury involves physical injuries, such as whiplash, broken bones, spinal cord damage or any other physical damage resulting from an accident. In addition, the victims of personal injury may have special damages such as lost wages and property damage.

Besides that, personal injury cases often involve pain and suffering damages, which is the legal term to describe physical pain and discomfort, mental disturbances, anxiety, sleeplessness, post-traumatic stress disorder and other emotional distress. Those involved in a personal injury case can greatly benefit from the involvement of Samuel Law’s personal injury attorneys, who would help quantify and prove pain and suffering damages in court.

At Samuel Law, we know that every personal injury case is specific to the person involved. Our personal injury lawyers in New York take time to know the person and learn how the injury has impacted our client’s life. This knowledge helps us understand the impact the accident had on our client and how to argue their case in court.

Our litigation attorneys know that it is important to get to the scene as soon as possible, take pictures, have our external experts involved and react promptly to collect the evidence. Our personal injury team is available 24/7 and is prepared to act immediately to support you and prepare the case before the evidence is lost or destroyed.

When someone is involved in a personal injury case, the best solution is to get in touch with a professional personal injury lawyer immediately. The experienced legal counsel from the Samuel Law Firm will provide the best legal representation, get our experts in place, effectively reconstruct the accident, gather the evidence and aggressively argue your case.

Many victims of personal injury contact the insurance companies with the expectation that the insurers will represent them. Meanwhile, the insurance companies are not your legal representatives. In most cases, the insurers offer quick settlements for much lower recovery than you could have received if you had pursued your case with a lawyer.

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If you are involved in a personal injury case and looking for an attorney to represent you at any stage, from collecting evidence to advocating for you in a courtroom, consider Samuel Law Firm in New York. We are personal injury litigation and trial attorneys who will aggressively defend your interests to maximize compensation and pursue your case in the courtroom if necessary to ensure the highest recovery.

For personal injury inquiries, contact us by phone at 646-663-4228 or send us an email at, and we will be happy to assist you.

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